Coast Carpet Clinic IICRC Accredited Technicians


Carpet cleaning

Premium Carpet Cleaning Procedure

Pre Inspection

A walk through inspection with our customers will be performed to identify carpet condition, construction and stains.

Pre Vacuum

Carpets will be professioanlly vacuumed using a High Efficiency Particle Arrestor (HEPA 12-14) vacuum.  An advanced filter that removes small particles of dust and allergens which basic filters miss.  This method is used to ensure all possible bonded insoluble dry dirt is removed.

Pre Spot

A pre spot will be applied on stains that require spot cleaning to maximise stain removal.

Pre Spray

A complete pre spray shampoo and stain remover is applied to the entire carpet to help loosen soil from carpet fibers.


A motorised carpet agitator is then used to remove tough and stubborn stains.

Deep Clean & extraction

The carpet is then thoroughly cleaned using a high pressured, state of the art cleaner and extractor machine to further clean and dry the carpets in record time.

Sanitise & Deodorise

Finally, a deodoriser is applied to leave your carpet smelling fresh and clean. 


Scotchguard carpet protection.